Staying Sober

Staying Sober

Staying sober is perhaps one of the hardest things to be faced with when you are first getting over your addiction. Temptation will be everywhere and depending on why you first started using drugs, alcohol, sex or whatever your vice is, the temptations may vary, be more or less intense or be almost constantly in …

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When you start getting sober and cultivating an addiction free life for yourself it can be easy to overlook the importance of having hobbies. Hobbies range and can include almost anything you do in your spare time that counts as a recreational activity such as painting, rock climbing, hiking, photography, writing, poetry, reading, drawing, gardening …

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Like meditation, not so long ago Yoga was seen as something only for the “hippy” subculture, but now you’d be hard pressed to not find any Yoga classes in any town or city across the Western world. Indeed, high profile sportsmen have implemented yoga into their exercise regime, such as Ryan Giggs, the soccer player …

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