Getting Healthy

Getting Healthy

When we first start getting through an addiction and coming out the other side, it can seem like a huge task to firstly get healthy, and secondly to keep up the healthy lifestyle we are beginning to cultivate for ourselves. It doesn’t have to be though and it can actually be incredibly beneficial to sow the seeds of health as soon as we make a concerted effort to cease out addictive lifestyles and behaviour.

Healthy living comes in many shapes and forms and can start with not only giving up drugs or alcohol but also by doing things like starting a health regimen such as going to the gym, eating right and cooking proper, healthy meals. Get the help of a friend or family member who can help you in creating great, nutritious, wholesome meals for yourself and start treating your body the way it deserves to be treated! Vegetables, fruits, and healthy bread such as wholemeal or rye are great ways to start enjoying a properly healthy lifestyle along with proteins such as eggs, fish, beef and chicken. Having three proper meals a day is a great change to make in your life, but even if you aren’t a breakfast person you can do things such as drinking a meal replacement smoothie or milkshake or by starting your meals later and beginning with lunch with a substituted meal later in the evening for dinner.

Exercise is a great way to stay healthy as well and it works off stress that we experience from work, relationships and general everyday life. Something you may find beneficial is the acquisition of your own allotment from your local council on which you grow your own fruits and vegetables. This is a great idea as it helps with recovery twofold – it gives you something to keep you busy (just think of all the time you can fill by caring for the very plants that will sustain you soon!), and it gets you exercise while planning your healthy meals! Plus it gives you something to care about and it helps give you accountability in making sure the allotment is weeded, watered and generally taken care of, which will help stave off boredom.

So whether you’re going to start hitting the gym, going to kickboxing, yoga, tai-chi, karate, dance classes or you’re just going to start taking a walk in the woods more often, getting and staying healthy can not only be great fun, but it can really help drive your recovery as well! How will you take advantage of getting healthy?

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