Making Healthy Choices

Making Healthy Choices

Regardless of what your addiction has been in the past, one thing is for certain – when you are not feeling yourself, you are more likely to make bad choices. What does not feeling yourself look like? It can be feeling down with depression or dark thoughts, having anxiety, or purely just being physically unwell with a cold or the like. If we have been struggling with the mental health side of addictions and we seem to be getting anxiety and depression it can be difficult to deal with feeling down and depressive if we aren’t used to coping with these feelings without the crutch of our chosen vice.

Making healthy choices when it comes to taking care of ourselves is important to helping our bodies and minds be able to tackle issues when they arise, such as poor health (both physical and mental). Mental health can be a very slippery slope when it comes to addictions especially, so if you begin to suspect that you may have a problem with your mental health, it’s best to speak to your healthcare provider to explore options on what to do in the event of depression and anxiety. There will be a blog post about this later.

When you’re feeling down it can be too easy to reach for a bag of crisps or chocolate, eat cereal for dinner or even sometimes skip meals altogether. It’s important to remember that proper eating is key to providing your body the right nutrients and vitamins it needs to help you do basic things such as have a good memory, get decent sleep and even just have energy to get out and keep trucking along in your recovery whether it’s volunteering, working, visiting friends and family and the like. It’s been proven scientifically that your body being healthy helps your mind in its health as well, so eating right, and making healthy choices is incredibly important for your mental and physical health, which will in turn help drive recovery success.

Start off by experimenting with cooking and meal preparation. There are a lot of concepts these days where you make enough meals for a month to freeze – all in advance so that you can save time and hassle on those days you really feel like you can’t be bothered or when you’re super busy. After all, eating a home cooked meal you prepared yourself, even if it’s just been thawed out and warmed up is a great way to remind yourself that you’re working your way through recovery and you’re doing well. Even if you do have a small blip in the road in terms of feeling good on occasion.

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