Nature is a Healer

Nature is a Healer

Beautiful walks in the summer time through forests, hills, mountains and following streams and rivers is stimulating and allows us to really reconnect with ourselves in a special way.

Indeed, even walks in winter can be beautiful: Perhaps if a person in recovery lives in a place where they get heavy snow and freezing temperatures, they can enjoy the beauty of frozen lakes, icicles and maybe even frozen waterfalls.

Every season usually has a new gift to bring a sense of beauty to our lives: In Autumn leaves turn fiery colours, red, yellow and orange, in summer everything is bursting with life and vegetation comes to life along with all the wildlife.

Yes, spending time in nature is very therapeutic, so it can be very worthwhile for a person in recovery to get out into nature. Even if they live in a city, it doesn’t cost anything to go and walk in a park away from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle.

Just simply watching nature on a bench can be very therapeutic: Studying all the wildlife and vegetation makes us very mindful of the present moment, which is peaceful and worry free.

Spending time in nature can naturally be combined with exercise such as hiking or going for long walks through trails, up hills and mountains, passing creeks and rivers. Not only does this stimulate our minds taking in all the natural beauty, the exercise also releases natural “feel good” endorphins in our body’s, which in turn improves both our mental and physical health.

Another way to allow nature to heal us is to take out a camera and take pictures as we go on our walks or hikes, which we can then look at when we get home. Or perhaps you want to join a community garden and work on planting your own vegetables and potatoes. This is one of the most satisfying things we can do, digging the land, tilling and de-weeding it, then planting, fertilising and watering it regularly, and watching it all grow before our eyes.

Then we harvest and get to enjoy the fruits of our labour on the dinner table with our loved ones. Indeed there is something very primordial about this. And for those in recovery it can overlap with a healthy diet, exercise while interacting with nature.

Being in and interacting is a fantastic way and a real opportunity to reconnect with ourselves, and to rebuild ourselves with the exercise and stimulation it gives to our mind’s and body’s.

And the best thing is – for the most part – it’s completely free of charge!


Oliver G.
Love & Compassion

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