Obesity and Addiction

Obesity and Addiction


Obesity can be caused in a number of ways – from having issues with our hormones or thyroid up to eating too much and the wrong kinds of food. Not everyone who is obese is simply “lazy” and quite often it is far more complex than that. Have you ever heard of women drowning their sorrows after a breakup in a tub of ice cream and a bottle of wine with a girlfriend? This is a standard example of how emotional eating can play a role in obesity.

Emotional eating is in fact a form of self harm. By reaching for food when we feel down or unhappy in our lives, we’re covering up these feelings and tricking ourselves into thinking the food provides comfort. Maybe it does, but the comfort is short lived and soon we’ll find ourselves reaching for more and more food to cover more and more feelings. In this sense, obesity is also an addiction and therefore can be treated as such.

To fight emotional eating in the sense of it being an addiction, speaking to counsellors and therapists is a great first step in order to identify the issues for which food is becoming a crutch or a go-to. Following on from this, working with a nutritionist and exercise coach can help us to begin to battle the physical sides of obesity. The double whammy is that exercise often helps us burn off stresses and emotional issues too, so you can start saying goodbye to the fat and hello to a new, stronger you!


Gambling is one of the biggest addictions out there next to alcohol and hard drugs. It’s also one of the most damaging as well. Gambling can include video lottery terminals (VLTs), playing card games, online casino games, lotteries, scratch cards and betting. The rush that is experienced when you win can easily keep you going back for more, along with the promises of higher and higher jackpots and winnings that are available. Unfortunately many people get caught up in the rush of the casino, online poker and more and spend hundred if not thousands of dollars thinking that the next spin or the next round will be their lucky one and they will strike it rich. Sadly though, this is almost never the case and instead they spend food money, gas money, bill or rent money trying to get “the big one”.

Gambling has torn families apart and led addicts to spiral into other addictions. Alcohol and drugs are common addictions that gamblers also can develop, usually going hand in hand with the locations in which gambling is accessible. Casinos frequently serve alcohol and drugs are usually sniffing around as well, easily accessed.

Because gambling addiction is in fact highly common, there are many ways to combat it. Speaking to your healthcare provider is an excellent first step to getting the help you require as they can refer you to specialist programs that will aim to help you identify the reasons why addiction has become a part of your life as well as work with you on fixing it.

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