Oliver Greene interview with America Tonight

The Encyclopedia of Herbs, Fruits & Vegetables

Oliver Greene’s book “The Encyclopaedia of Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables’ looks at how it’s really easy to eat right and live healthier.

In this recent interview with Kate Delaney,  Nationally Syndicated Radio Host of America Tonight, Oliver talks about how he came to write the book and some of the herbs you should really incorporate into your diet.

If you are interested in buying a copy of the book, please visit the online shop.

1 thought on “Oliver Greene interview with America Tonight”

  1. The radio interview was a ginormous and worthwhile stunt that will make a lot of people realize about the importance of eating right.

    The Encyclopedia of Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables is “technically” a guide that will provide the many of the knowledge to various edibles. Therefore, this would be the best reference especially to the ones that are struggling in terms of selecting the right food to eat.

    P.S., the book definitely lived up to its purpose: “Aimed at promoting wellness and optimum health”.

    -Schye Adams – BookTrail Agency

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