Options In Mental Wellness

Options In Mental Wellness

It might sound cliche to be told that “someone will always be there” but when it comes to mental wellness, it’s true. Whether it’s your friends, family or even just your healthcare provider or therapist, it’s important to know that you have options when it comes to tackling mental health issues. The key is to recognise the signs of potential problems when they begin and then start to take steps toward rectifying them and exploring available options.


What are some symptoms or signs of mental health issues? Feeling scared or anxious about doing tasks that you used to have no problem doing, such as going to the shop or going out with friends can be a big one. Is there a relevant reason why you may feel this way, or is the worry unfounded? What happens if you force yourself into the situation or are you beginning to avoid going into the situations altogether? This can be a huge signal that you’re developing an anxiety problem, and usually with anxiety, depression isn’t far behind. In fact, the two tend to work in tandem with each other. Symptoms of depression can include no longer finding joy in the things you used to enjoy, feeling progressively more and more “down” or unhappy and being quick to anger. Depression isn’t always sadness and tears and is in fact much more complicated, sometimes featuring indecisiveness, anger, resentment, fear, anxiety, either gradual or sudden ceasing of social interaction and progressive social isolation.

When you think that you are developing an issue – whether it’s directly related to your recovery or your addiction – it’s important to make others aware of how you’re feeling. These days, people are much more receptive to mental health issues and talk about them far more frequently. You may even find out that one of your friends you never thought could have depression is in recovery from it themselves!

Seeking help is incredibly beneficial and you may realise that there are options for help that you weren’t aware existed. For example, your therapist and doctor may think that you may benefit from antidepressants or anti anxiety medication. Likewise these medications can be chosen specifically for any particular needs you have. Medication that is specifically sedating can be prescribed to help those who suffer with insomnia as a result of their depression as an example.

So don’t fret if you feel yourself struggling, Help is widely available and if you don’t want to pursue any medication you can also explore a whole host of CBT therapies and talking therapies as well which are just as, if not more effective than medications.

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