Fighting Childhood Obesity


Do you know how many children are obese today?

One in three.


Do you know how many children are obese today?

One in three.

And do you know another thirty percent are currently at risk? Childhood obesity is an epidemic and, despite heightened attention, it is showing no signs of decreasing.

Many factors are to blame, and we’ll tell you what they are, but one thing remains certain: The condition is preventable, curable, and it starts with you. Fighting Childhood Obesity will give parents the honest truth about what needs to be done in order to solve the problem.

The information has been painstakingly researched and, while the information provided may alarm you, it cannot be ignored. Take a look at the topics covered inside the book:

  • Causes of Obesity
  • The Role Media Plays
  • The Gene Myth
  • How School Initiatives are Failing
  • How to Beat the Fast Food Industry at their own Game
  • Trauma Caused by Emotional Damage
  • Two Simple Cures for the Epidemic
  • …so Much More

Childhood obesity is responsible for $3 billion in healthcare costs every year. While the number is staggering, the gloomy outlook in longevity for obese individuals is grim. It proves senseless after you learn how easily the trend can be reversed. Once you become knowledgeable, and use the simple, proven techniques outlined in this book, you’ll kick yourself for not starting sooner.

Author Oliver Greene is dedicated to creating awareness about obesity, but he doesn’t stop there. Not only does he educate the public, but he also gives parents and caregivers the tools they need to reverse and prevent obesity in their children. To make the transition from bad habits to a healthy lifestyle, he’s included an invaluable Weekly Fitness Table for your child, as well as some recipes that prove wholesome eating is delicious. Take a positive step today to help ensure your child’s future is bright and full of opportunity.


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