Staying Sober

Staying Sober

Staying sober is perhaps one of the hardest things to be faced with when you are first getting over your addiction. Temptation will be everywhere and depending on why you first started using drugs, alcohol, sex or whatever your vice is, the temptations may vary, be more or less intense or be almost constantly in your face. It can seem like the whole world is conspiring to keep you addicted, but this is the thought process that the addiction makes you have in order to keep you addicted.

When you are trying to stay sober the most helpful thing to do is to avoid situations where you will be placed in a position where relapse is possible. Hanging out with friends who don’t respect your newfound sobriety for example can be a big one when it comes to issues with peer pressure. Those who are still in the lap of drug use and abuse will not care about the sobriety of others when they want someone to partake in the vice with them. In this sense, it is best to avoid friends with whom you took drugs, drank alcohol or participated in your chosen addiction with.

This can lead to a feeling of isolation though. Depending how bad your addiction was, you may have found yourself isolating yourself from friends who didn’t engage in the behaviour with you. This can mean that you find yourself alone and without friends around you which can be  trigger for relapse. The best thing to do in this instance is, if possible, try to start repairing relationships with those who aren’t addicted and surrounding yourself with people who lead healthy, fulfilling lives. If possible go visit a friend in another city, go visit family or the like. If you need help desperately, phone someone to come and stay with you to help you through the trying first days and consider appointing someone as a type of “sponsor” – someone you can call when you need to because you’re considering taking up your vice of choice again.

Staying sober is a challenge throughout sobriety, but as time goes on it gets easier to say no to your vice of choice and yes to sober living through constructing a healthy life for yourself. Stay the course – addiction free living can be wonderful and fulfilling. If it helps inspire you, read about famous people who have bounced back from addiction, such as, for example, actor Tom Hardy.

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